Merriel, the head gardener

Dwarfed by willowherb!

Day two of the project and I have to confess I feel ridiculously lucky. My boots are so clagged in clay loam that they are pulling off my feet, my limbs ache and there’s been a nagging hunger all day because I didn’t pack enough lunch. But I swear I’ve been smiling since the second I arrived and that’s not just me. Adrian, Tony and I were down by the chapel all busily working together, pruning, clearing anddigging. Inconsequential conversation flowed between us to the backdrop of birdsong and suddenly I realised why there was less stress years ago. We were all absorbed in our separate tasks, focussed and fully present.

Tony commented ‘What a difference a day makes’ and we admired what we had achieved. Tony is 72, his knees are so bad that he struggles to walk, but seeing him at work in the garden is like watching a long distance runner, his movements effortless, paced and instinctive.

Adrian did a brilliant job of tidying up the tool shed. Now we have all the beautiful antique tools (but largely unusable) on one side and the efficient, favoured tools on the other. Each hanging on their own peg and cleaned.

It was a wrench to leave the others pruning in the wider estate, while I nipped to the nearest town to get essentials. Among these was a soil testing kit and before the light faded we discovered that the soil had a pH of 7.5 so it’s on the alkaline side of the scale.

I started scribbling a list of tools we still need before the dark set in. We have no electric. No sink. A dribble of running water and yet as dusk set in and a bite in the air we all stood in the potting shed and smiled ‘Another great day at the office’ Adrian said. ‘Can I come again tomorrow?’ asked Tony.

It feels as if BE is beginning to raise her head again. With each drop of sun and rain she is remembering how to smile. Happy days.


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