This morning I was greeted by the one eyed cat. I’m sure he should be our mascot. He looks like a domestic cat, but once you probe beneath the surface, all is not quite as it seems. He’s got one eye and is feral and highly aloof about being tamed. We surveyed each other for a while, he under the cover of the old tractor, I with a packet of cat food. Adrian insists we feed him. I’m not so sure. As a gardener I want him to catch mice. Still, as Rosalind pointed out, hunting might be a little tricky with one eye.


Early gentle rain brought a warm temperature for the time of year. I made the most of it by cleaning out the peach house guttering and washing some more panes with the freshly falling rainwater. It was wonderful to be alone in the garden. The only sound was an owl. I guess the low light level makes hunting by day more inviting. Perhaps (unlike the cat) the owl has two eyes and is getting rid of the mice. A comforting thought.


Old plant plate found in the garden

Excitement of the day. I discovered an original plant label. I’ve been scouring the walls, certain that there must be at least one and look! …




img_04531I boxed some apples ready for Marco the chef at Novikov. It’s like sending your children off on the first day of nursery. I know that they are the best apples on the planet, but can only pray that he loves my little darlings. They can be a bit unruly…


A few visitors arrived later today to give us quotes on different things. I’m becoming used to the look of shock when people see the extent of the work to be done here. Personally I only ever saw the potential. Given that Tim Smit created Eden from a disused China clay pit with sterile soil, we are already streets ahead. One thing’s for sure, from where ever we stand we will always get an uninterrupted view of the sky…


This project demands blue sky thinking and certainly delivers, even on a November day!

This project demands blue sky thinking and certainly delivers, even on a November day!

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