Electric circus

Electric circus

Look what appeared in the garden today! Pip and I were clearing the extensive fruit cage when this toad appeared. No wonder he or she loves it, the ground is claggy. It was here that Tony remembers a pond.

a frog found in the garden

Pip and I really pruned back, bravely taking out all the dead wood and preparing the soil for compost. The robins are getting braver too. A pair of them stayed close by us all day, taking it in turns to descend onto the freshly turned soil. They come so close that their wingbeats whoosh. Under our touch hordes of raspberries, gooseberries and blackcurrants will be landing at Novikov next year.

revitalising the garden

Revitalising the fruit continues

Martin washed the glasshouse with our brilliant new brush; this attaches to the hose and means we can reach much further towards the apex.

cleaning the glasshouse

Martin reaches new heights…

Inside the glasshouse is looking much tidier too, it’s all cleared out and almost ready for new benches. At the end of the day, light was failing us again when Martin noticed a tiny pilot light in the glasshouse…he disappeared, returned with tools and within seconds we had LIGHT!!! What a day.

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