Four weeks in and four is the magic number…

Four weeks in and four is the magic number…

I can’t believe that four weeks have passed. This morning I was dancing at 6.30am over breakfast. This garden is really getting to me!


The hinge of the garden doors

Look at the detail of this stunning hinge. The bottom one is missing, but we will soon have it replaced, so that the door opens freely once more…

Martin already had a light hooked up for us girls first thing. What a pleasure to be able to write the diary and my endless lists (I’d be lost without them and indeed some would say I already am).

What began as a calm day finishing off clearing out the fruit cage turned into our usual riot of laughter. It’s the first week of the new team with Adrian working his first extra Friday and of course the arrival of Pip on Wednesday. With the four of us it really is a crew (up to five on Monday with Tony!). Adrian, Pip and I dug out and tidied up raspberry canes to a selection of cheesy 1980’s anthems.

At lunch time we went to the village pub with the Architect Michael to celebrate our progress thus far. The Landlord has lots of old photographs of BE over the years (well, that was our excuse). When we got back Michael kindly took some pics of us in the walled garden. Not being used to an iPhone, the photo taking caused much hysteria…but yes Michael, I apologise, you didn’t cut Adrian’s head off in all the shots – just a few!

the gardeners team

From left: Pip, me, Martin and Adrian. The hive is just visible on the far left, whose inhabitants like us, are still active despite surviving frost!

To commemorate four weeks of the project, I thought I would share some of my favourite quotes from the team.

Adrian: ‘This place is an unlucky dip.’ (said while reaching into a pit of sawdust in the potting shed and pulling out a 1980’s silver towel rail)

Tony: ‘Look out, the girls about.’ (just brilliant. He takes years off me).

Pip: ‘To be honest, I’m a bit of a tool whore.’ (said while surrounded by her dazzling collection of ergonomic tools – I have to admit, the rake with flexible/extendible tines is my personal favourite!)

Martin: ‘That bloody moss is not getting the better of me.’ (referring to the acres of ingrained moss that he painstakingly removed from around every single pane of glass. That’s dedication)

I know its cheeky, but really wanted to share this moment of joy with you when introducing Michael to the concept of a ‘selfie.’ BE really is a special place for special people. Read into that what you will![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

happy gardeners

Hope laughter is good for the figs! High jinx with Architect Michael…

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