Advent dawns…happy new month

Advent dawns…happy new month

I’m not going to lie. Today the garden was grey and we all felt it. Thick cloud cover and a smattering of rain meant that it barely got light which is tough on us all.

Pip was in the fruit cage finishing off weeding, clearing and pruning. Adrian strimmed his way around the lower polytunnel and apple trees and felled self-seeded ash and scrub, so that we have a light, bright area with no danger of falling branches splitting open the tunnel in winter storms.

Martin began replacing glass in the peach house and I began renovating the espaliers and unblocking all the branches from the lights.

Tony said he’d never seen the fruit cage looking so good, which was praise indeed.

Usually blooming in spring, I spotted the first bloom on the camellia today, 1st December! Who needs to open an advent calendar, when this garden shows us something different each day?

Ah well, the end of another productive, satisfying day. As Paul commented, ‘If I worked here, I would never want to go home.’ As light evaporates and real darkness sets in, three of us linger like ladybirds who should have hibernated long ago. Despite these drab weathered days something of spring has settled in.

The beginning is always today.

Mary Shelley

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