A peachy day

A peachy day

The peach house is undergoing transformation. Pip and I trained the original espalier shapes back along their wires and both agreed that – were we plants – we would not choose the life of an espalier peach; especially not today! Gone is all the dead wood and moss. We dug over the soil to let in more air and light and fluffed it up a bit with top soil I found lurking in the potting shed. To this I added a sprinkling of Martin’s supply of mushroom compost from a secret source. I must admit I have a bit of a soil obsession and so it made me laugh when reading that French gardeners used to take all their top soil with them from garden to garden. Why not? Good soil takes so long to cultivate and as Adrian said, creating it is a kind of alchemy.

Pip, climbing a peach limb

Hang on, there’s been a transformation. Surely Pip IS an espaliered peach limb?

Martin replaced all the broken glass and repaired the broken door. We were heartened when the polytunnel fitter Paul arrived and praised the shininess and general awesomeness of our middle glasshouse. Seeing the progress every day, we don’t always appreciate how much we have achieved. It gives us all a boost to see the enthusiastic reaction of those who have never seen the place before. Imagine my shock when this workman dressed in hooded top, workboots and covered in mud paused in the garden, put his hand on his heart and said ‘this place really gets you in here, doesn’t it?

Beans from the gardenin mason jars

This scene in the potting shed caught Paul’s eye. My collection of special Brent Eleigh broad beans in wonderful old jars I found hidden at the back of ancient shelving. He promptly took a pic and told me that its now my caller ID.

Adrian finished off clearing a big swathe of rubbish and weeds from the back of an existing polytunnel. Now we can see the wonderful pig pen complete with column façade. I will show it to you as soon as it’s a sunny day, I promise. Suffice to say, the pigs lived in luxury!

Where’s Martin?

Martin repairing the peach glasshouse

Bless martin. No one could accuse him of not getting stuck in. What you might not appreciate here is that its pouring with rain and mud everywhere!

Ah well, the end of another productive, satisfying day. As Paul commented, ‘If I worked here, I would never want to go home.’ As light evaporates and real darkness sets in, three of us linger like ladybirds who should have hibernated long ago. Despite these drab weathered days something of spring has settled in.

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