Still buzzing!

Still buzzing!

I’ve always craved excitement and adventure and no one could say that today’s gardening was not ‘on the edge.’ Pip and I were in the bee bed. It was over cast, spitting with rain and its December, surely the bees would not be about? Weeds were spiralling like candy floss all over this particular corner bed. With the sort of dreams I have about weeds eating me I could leave them no longer. And in her espaliering frame of mind Pip was dying to work her magic on the largest and most wonderful fig in the garden.

Despite warnings from Tony, Adrian and Martin we girls went in. You know when you are told not to touch something and you just have to do it? That’s me. I prodded at the hive, just to check that the residents were indeed asleep you understand. Seconds later Pip was running down the garden path, with a bee in her scarf. True to the  warnings they were going for the jugular. A swift rescue mission later and Pip was bee free without being stung. We moved onto the vine house.

A weed filled bed is crying out to be weeded. Unfortunately the bees have other ideas!

Hoorah, a flash of blue sky peeps above the wall. Beneath the wonderful giant fig waits a sting in the tail.

The luxury pig pen behind the back of the polytunnels has the air of a folly. Those pigs were certainly adored!
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