Vine house renovation going swimmingly…

Vine house renovation going swimmingly…

Clearing out the vine house, I came across this…


What is this rare creature?

It’s a honey spinner. Not that I can imagine collecting any honey from the wild frenzy that comprise our resident swarm – I returned in the heavy rain complete with wet cloth to block their exit (intent of finishing what I began yesterday) only to find that in precisely 3 seconds they were on the rampage. I wistfully put the spinner in the curiosity corner along with such delights as the daisy grubber, fumigators, seed tray tamper and chimney sweeping broom. Given a more docile, domestic swarm I’m sure we’ll achieve BE honey in the future.

We set to work removing all the benches with dry rot and – as with the centre glasshouse – saved what we could for new facades and as templates for reproduction.

It was one of those days when damp seems to seep into everything and it doesn’t get properly light. While wet I decided to liberate the goldfish I felt most sorry for. He was in a 1970’s blue plastic water butt, the contents of which was black with slime. I had no idea what he really looked like as I’ve only seen a shadow lurking in the gloom until this point. While slowly draining the water I decided he was rather like a prisoner of war in solitary confinement that no one had remembered to release. Rather than liberate him straight into the main lake, I decided to gradually reintroduce him to fish civilisation by first putting him in a more upmarket Victorian tank residence where a fellow rather handsome bachelor resides. I hope they get on.

the vine glasshouse

The solidly built vine house, before renovation

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