Benches and barrows arrive!

Benches and barrows arrive!

Crystal clear blue sky today here in the walled garden and a frosty start with it. Pip and I spread the last of the current load of compost while the ground was still frozen to prevent too much compaction and then moved onto to other jobs around the garden, followed by the tamer and tamer robin. On Friday he landed right beside my hand and Adrian says that sometimes it takes worms from your hand. Obviously its getting colder and colder and the robin is getting hungrier and hungrier, but I like to think he’s getting friendly and not just associating me with freshly turned soil and worms!

the wall of the garden with the blue December sky

What a stunning shade of blue…

The wonderful old fruit trees clinging to the sunshine wall got a bit of a make over, with some of it extreme to encourage new healthy growth and prevent infection.

The old fruit trees

Martin was busy making the vine house sparkle inside and out, and in the vegetable plots Adrian and I began digging out last seasons left over carrots and beetroot.

The temporary benches arrived. They are nothing like the robust staging that came out but they will be used while their sturdy cousins are being renovated and rebuilt. I hope they can take the strain! One of the best benches we have (built by Adrian’s dad) easily took the weight of both Martin and I while we were cleaning the glass above. Not that we intend standing on these…

benches in the glasshouse

Oh, almost forgot we have two new wheelbarrows. When I collected them in my banger on Friday, I opened the boot and a kettle, washing up bowl and assorted plates tumbled out. Thank goodness I had just declined the tool hire assistants, ‘Do you want any help love?’ I’m moving to the most beautiful village, where I will wait a month for broadband connection and questionable phone reception. Its all under control – honestly…

in the garden

These honey wheeled beauties don’t look quite so clean now! Here they are, freshly arrived at boot camp preparing for service…

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