Strictly, no wilting.

Strictly, no wilting.


Fire in the garden

Ice, what ice? we’re roasting…


Good evening people. This morning was one of those mornings when you just want to stick your head back under the covers and wish the world away. Late last night I had an incident involving a dual carriageway, bike rack and my beloved bicycle. Lets just say I won’t be cycling to work from my new abode just yet.

The temperature was in minus figures when I scraped ice off the car, but what a sunrise and disappearing into the walled garden is far better therapy than a day in bed. Once I had shared my woes with the others, we cracked open the advent calendar that Adrian brought in (we only open in once every few days so we can all have a chocolate at once) and Pip proffered an emergency sparkler. Yey.

Soon we had a roaring bonfire going and decided to use the day to blitz the outbuildings, emptying the last of the sheds and dismantling the rotten and dangerous dog kennel.

The soundtrack to the morning was the echoing peal of the village church bells three miles away. Quite magical, seemingly rising out of the frost behind the shelter belt tree line.

Throughout the day there were many discoveries. A lot of broken and useless things, but also some BE treasure, a water butt complete with lid that will go outside the vine house, glass for the old glasshouse roof, some sweet terracotta pots, and a lovely old bakers tray. Sometimes I yearn for the order and organisation of something established. But only for a fraction of a second. Who would want to miss seeing the daily transformations that we achieve together in these, the earliest days?

clay pots in the garden

Love the way this terracotta pot is encircled in ivy. Cut lots of these free from the undergrowth. Many were broken, but some were still perfect. Amazing after all these years.

Working in these temperatures, despite the fires makes us ravenous, so perfect for planning the Christmas lunch. Will be lovely to get together our Novikov friends; can’t wait until its our produce we are eating.

Bakers delivery tray

Look at the lovely font on the side of this bakers delivery tray…

anti wilt tomatoes box

Strictly no wilting.








By the end of the day I was pleasantly tired and took a moment to sit by the embers of the fire shelling our BE broad beans. Moving can be a stressful business. Thank goodness for walled gardens, a tireless, supportive team and this brilliant advice, uncovered beside another old boiler…

the cleaned wall of the garden

The sun sets on the newly emerged wall where the old dog shed used to be. This constant battle with lack of daylight hours forces us to focus on what we can achieve in nature’s limited winter time. Another day done. Until tomorrow, goodnight x

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