Venturing out…

Venturing out…

A lot of paperwork and bits and bobs in the outside world today. Ventured into the nearest town where there have the most amazing old fashioned hardware store. Took Pip with me. Being the tool addict that she is, I know her requirements are exacting. Now we have  pruning saws with replaceable blades, new blades for the bow saws, new loppers, a fleet of weed buckets, a new digging fork, weed matting for the fruit cage and loads of twine for tying in.

New Gardening tools

Ho, ho, ho, new equipment! This is what we want at BE to fill our stockings…

There should now be a plethora of seed catalogues winging their way to us, which is exciting. All that potential. I’m going to use tried and trusted companies that I’ve used before to begin with, and perhaps allow a couple of experiments with new suppliers. We will blend the best old varieties with great modern cultivars. You’ll have to wait and see.

Adrian and I filled our boots (quite literally) with old pots for recycling. I prayed before I set off that I wouldn’t need to brake too hard. You know those snowstorms, where you shake the plastic dome and it snows? that was me in the car with pots. Amusingly Adrian and I (we discovered later) had both developed the same story separately about what we would say if questioned about trade waste at the recycling centre; that we had just moved and were ‘tidying’ the garden. I believe it’s called ‘creative clearing.’

Pots from the garden

Please. Don’t let me have to brake sharply on the Suffolk lanes…

Some great sunsets lately. This evening in the garden, yesterdays’ bonfire was still crackling. I put Pip’s fig clippings on it and Martin and I were chatting about this and that. I was thinking that a world away in Novikov land there must be an incredible festive rush with all the decorations and hectic bustle. Here we have decked the potting shed with holly cut from the garden, dried lavender and mistletoe. No commercial rush, no pressure to buy anything, just the crackle of the fire, the sound of the stream and the owl.

As I shoved an envelope of money through a letterbox to book a B and B for a special guest we have coming to visit for a few days, I had to smile. Everything is still done on trust and word of mouth around here, even outside the walled garden. Suffolk is definitely special.

The skyline from the garden

You’ve got to adore this view, it changes every day according to the light. Look at it tonight. The trees are like statues, piercing the skyline.


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