Vine action!

Vine action!

I was pruning the beautiful old vines today. They are not Victorian, but were originally planted in the 1960’s, so still a good 40 years old. Working with them, I decided to reduce the new shoots to one or two nodes, allowing loads more light and air to circulate. It’s really satisfying work re-establishing a productive shape and framework for the future. Tied in some of the lead shoots with the lovely new wire that we bought yesterday; its soft and won’t cut into the wood as the growth expands. Next I’m going to give them a great feed the roots with some of the compost.


the glasshouse ventilation system

Wanted to share this view with you. Look at the amazing old cogs which operate the ventilation system in the vine house…

Adrian was busy clearing the oldest glasshouse, so that Martin can prop up the subsided corner until it is restored by a specialist in January. It’s now looking lovely and much less like a giant cat litter tray, which is quite honestly how I think Cubby the cat has viewed these glasshouses. What a rude awakening he must be getting! No more loose soil on the benches and hopefully the mouse population declining rapidly, thanks to my discreet intervention. I’ve certainly cleared all food sources that they’ve been feasting on for so long.


cloud formation at the end of the day

I know this is a bit dark, but still, what a fab cloud formation behind this truss of last season’s grapes…

Tonight Charlie arrived all the way from Devon. He has come to advise on the micro-herbs aspect of the walled garden. Tomorrow we will have the whole day to talk planning, measure up, look at quotes and discuss quantities. How wonderful to talk horticulture with someone equally fanatical about the project. At least I don’t have to worry about boring him rigid. In fact I’ve just left him at the B and B and he will be joining me here in the Greyhound this evening, so we can talk more plants…He saw the project before we had started and – if I say so myself – was very impressed by what we’ve done in these few short weeks. ‘You’ll have to slow down Merriel’ he said. Never.

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