Growing the future…

walled garden

Growing the future…

Good evening folks. A dazzling day in the garden, as Martin magically fixed the problem we had had with the wiring for the lighting. Ta dah! Now we just need to get some new light fitments and we’ll be glowing, even on the shortest day.


The tiniest shred of hope. Look at these daffodil shoots emerging from this discarded pot I found tucked away by the vine house…

After a brief stint of fig pruning – I have to get some practical, physical stuff in where I can – Charlie and I spent most of the day measuring, planning and plotting for propagation in the weeks to come. Charlie has loads of ideas; his background is in microherbs and he has years of experience to bring to the garden. I really like the way that Charlie and Martin bounce ideas off each other. One minute we were discussing insulation and the next Martin had a plan for installing it. Thinking around problems and coming up with solutions is a skill that each of us develops more each day, thanks to working here. It’s incredible how with each new person who starts here, it feels as if they have always belonged.

My head has been firmly in polytunnel land today; lighting, heating, ventilation, shade, tray size and quantity, predicted quantities, seed companies, pest and disease control, Charlie has advised on all of these and more.

Charlie is currently living in Devon, I was born there and Adrian has a Westcountry link. Isn’t it strange the way life throws random people together and we find these common connections?



My view yesterday, up the step ladder, amid the jungle of vines to be pruned. I’m not afraid of height anymore, only falling…

I’m going to leave you for the weekend with a lovely ancient Chinese quote of Charlie’s which he recited when I was talking about the sound of the river which runs past the walled garden: ‘The sound of water drowns out un-necessary thought.’ I hope that working here carries off all un-necessary thoughts and just leaves each of us with the nuggets of gold. We certainly all struck lucky finding beautiful BE.

walled garden

One of Anca’s beautiful pics, taken on my first day. I like the way that the garden behind the wall is a haze of mystery, waiting beyond…

Have a great weekend, love from the expanding garden gang! x


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