First day back…

First day back…

What a treat this morning. It was minus two degrees. I took one look at the ice on the road and cars and decided to walk in to work. It takes 50 minutes. Yesterday I discovered ‘Clay Lane’ an old trackway which leads from my new village to the garden; so today I couldn’t wait to try it out. It was one of the most uplifting walks I’ve had for ages. 7am and a stunning sunrise filled the sky with peach, orange and red. Arching over my head were branches of oak, ash, beech, lime, hazel and beside the path run little streams. On this commute, I didn’t see a single person. Where else could you walk for nearly an hour and not see a soul?


the dawn in the garden

Day breaks as I walk along the old trackway to work. The fields were white and every puddle frozen making mirrors for the sky.


Being back inside the walled garden after a week away was pure joy. It looked incredible rimed with frost and as I greeted Martin and Adrian the sky clouded with birds. They feed on the fields around and fly in swathes overhead at this time of year. Within minutes the robins arrived and there we were, ready for the day.


the frosty garden

Ooooh chilly!

All three of us got the compost spread before break time, while the ground was still frozen solid. It’s a heavy job, but in no time we were all warm and shedding layers as if it was spring.

I couldn’t wait to get the other side of the central path edged up. With the sort of edging I’m doing the ancient drainage system is being cleared at the same time. I can just imagine all the labelled rows of seedlings taking off from it like wings.



The neater path emerges. Hopefully the improved drainage will mean that we can dispense with the boards…

Martin and Adrian got two splendid bonfires going. Over the Christmas holiday Martin repaired wiring and installed new lighting in all the sheds – a great surprise.

bird nest found in the garden

Look at these! Martin found them. The little pots are so delicate and tiny with thin little edges as dainty as bone china. They must have been made by hand. The birds nest gives some idea of size. Martin found it in the rafters of one of the sheds. Looks like it has a heart in the base.


Everything is changed by frost. I love what it has done here to the box hedging…

the garden hedge


A fantastic sunset, which was so impressive that despite digging all day I still had loads of energy for the walk home. Read a brilliant article on page 8 of January 2015’s RHS The Garden Magazine linking gardening and being outdoors with physical and mental wellbeing and suggesting gardening as a prescription available on the NHS. I’m definitely in favour.

Good evening folks. Hope you are having a happy festive period and are able to get outdoors. See you tomorrow… X

the sunset over Brent Eleigh

Isn’t she beautiful? The sun sets above BE.


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