Finally, we’re beginning to thaw…

Brent Eleigh Garden

Finally, we’re beginning to thaw…


Caught it! the exact moment when the frost began to melt and the sun came out this morning. You can just see the smoke rising from Adrian’s bonfire.

Another sub-zero day. Minus four this morning. After a week of this cold weather is difficult. Typical that we sowed all the microherbs and then get the coldest spell for ages. Charlie has finally gone back to Devon after eighteen straight days and still today I’ve spoken to him twice about the babies. They are cosily tucked up listening to the radio. Although they prefer classical music (the vibrations are good for growth) they are only allowed that in the day and then at night they have the spoken word. Yes, our BE babies are cultured! The idea (at night) is that any hungry mouse will think there are people about and not venture in.

Look what I did for you. Lifted the covers. Charlie will kill me, but I couldn’t resist a peek. YES, it’s germination people!


A sneaky peek…fenugreek.

Had a couple of hilarious conversations today. One was with our porta-loo supplier. A little shocked at my general excitement about the prospect of one of his finest toilets descending on Monday (suffice to say that the BE toilet until now has required a trek) he promised an upgrade from standard to ‘festival.’ Loving the sound of festival I wanted to know the difference. I won’t share the exact words as I wouldn’t want to put you off your dinner, but apparently I’m guaranteed that no man has ever used the unit! Do you hear that BE boys? Girls only.


A sneaky peek from outside. All our babies sleeping soundly.

It’s incredible to think that this central glasshouse was almost a ruin when we arrived here. Every time it gleams in the sun, I’m so proud of our efforts. Unable to dig the soil outside (it stayed solidly frozen all day) I began work on the vine house.


The vine house. I can’t help but wonder why the sky here is SO blue, so often. Look at the intensity of it.

I’ve been digging up the central bed ready for the BE tomato seed which Marco sent us from Novikov. The soil was what is known as ‘dead’ – white and like sand. Adrian and I dug down to a spade’s depth, barrowing out all the spent topsoil and I ordered some lovely high nutrient stuff to replace it. If Adrian or I had ever entertained the idea of becoming gravediggers, I’m sure we’re highly qualified now. Come to think of it these vines would love a bit of rotting flesh…


Adrian digs deep in the vine house.

Once the sun came out I whipped up this portable office courtesy of an old water tank and an unexpected patch of phone reception in the vine house…perfect. Looks like both the portakabin and polytunnels will descend on the same day. How on earth will I contain my excitement?!


I was going to save his for another day, but seen as it’s the weekend I’ll treat you. Meet Les…


He/she is surely one of the most curious things about BE (on reflection, there are many which is probably why I fit right in). When I arrived I thought that this milliners’ bust was some sort of bird scarcer, placed as it is by the fruit cage, but after watching various birds land on his/her head, I see that this is not the case. When I enquired about it, Adrian said ‘Oh, you mean Les.’ I think that the eponymous Les must have been an ill favoured gardener. It’s obviously a people scarcer, because none of us has been brave enough to remove it!

From Les and all of us at BE, have a great weekend X




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