The Rhubarb


Ah well, am pretty shattered this evening. All of us were flat out today what with the roofing, vine house preparation and turning the packing shed temporarily into a propagation room and then planting. Hundreds of seeds were sown and Pip removed I think it was 38 more barrows of ‘dead’ soil from the vine house. WOW Pip. Go us!

Then after work Charlie and I met and carried on planning all our seed order list for the coming year.

Sometimes, work makes you humble. Today I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees on concrete and squeezing between shelves to clear every last speck of dust in the temporary packing room. I had to laugh looking at the fantastic pictures of the Novikov chefs this evening with their latest creations. What a contrast. If they are the front end of the business, then today I must certainly have been the behind!


Here I am on the top rungs of the packing shed shelving. This was taken shortly before my glasses and boots came off and the respirator went on. Boy was it dusty! But not now.

In the glasshouse loads is going on. It’s a sea of green shoots both emerged and still emerging. Did I do a good job while Charlie was away? I’d be lying if I said everything was perfect. I tried my best, but there’s loads to learn and Charlie was kind enough to be really diplomatic about the mistakes! After a bit of screaming (to myself) and choice language  – swearing that I would NEVER touch micro herbs again, it was back to the weighing and sowing of the next batch. Bring it on.

Outside it was overcast today, but look at the emerging leaves of this rhubarb. Isn’t the pattern as it unfurls amazing?


Already the rhubarb is showing signs of life. Incredible to see the beech leaf beside it and know that by spring, this same leaf will be much bigger than a dinner plate.

I’m off to soak in the bath, but before I forget, here is the picture of my handsome pin up I promised you…


Keane is back. Charlie’s rescue dog. I must be doing something right because he sits on command. Now to work on the rest of the team…


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