Hail and gusts, but we’re still standing

seeding at Brent Eleigh Garden

Hail and gusts, but we’re still standing


The moment that the sun came out and silvered the path down into the garden.

The frenzied activity in the potting shed continues. Loads more seeds sown both in the potting shed and glasshouse. We had gusty strong winds and hail here today and Martin and Adrian still ploughed on with the roof. There’s a whole rainforest worth of moss up there to remove before the old panels can come off – the boys must be seeing moss in their sleep!

Meanwhile many of my dreams (nightmares) involve mice. They LOVE peas, beans, courgette seeds – indeed everything we are growing here and like the robins, are made tame by hunger at this time of year. Therefore we’re storing all the seed in a selection of galvanised bins and knaw-proof tubs. Thought you might like to see this ‘state of the art’ container I brought in, in which my seed to be sown imminently is stored…


Mice, don’t you know that red means danger? Keep out.

It’s incredible the amount of heat that the sun still gives out, even on a dismal January day. This afternoon I was lucky enough to be sowing with the potting shed door open in a delicious shaft of sunlight. Down here there is often no mobile phone signal and the outside world seems a million miles away. Sieving the compost onto the seeds I was aware that someone stood in this exact same spot, performing this exact same task, one hundred years ago.

There are no guarantees. We can only create the ideal conditions, watch and wait, like the gardeners here before us. Every single seed we sow is a leap of faith and hope to carry us forward.


‘Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how…the artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.’ Agnes De Mille.


Good evening X


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