The walled garden inspires another new creation

The walled garden inspires another new creation

A real treat for you this evening! Some weeks ago the very talented pianist and composer Frances Shelley of Butley Priory came to meet me for lunch at BE. While here Frances recorded the sound of the River Brett which runs through the garden and was inspired to compose the piece entitled, ‘Snowdrop Song’ about the garden emerging from the darkness of winter into the light. Hope you like it!


Snow starts to settle…

Charlie and I ventured out into the wider world for emergency gas for the glasshouse amongst other things. As you can see it was pretty chilly here today! Martin and Adrian managed to continue roofing despite the snow, with Martin declaring that the snow was actually quite warm. Sowing seeds in the snow, is a first for both Charlie and I.

While removing fistfuls of snails (!) from their hibernating corners in the peach house, I took this shot to show the snow settling…


Everything looked a little sepia in the garden this afternoon, when the snow came down.

I’m feeling much more human now after a power nap, bath and giant portion of bangers and mash. One thing’s for sure, a girl doesn’t have to worry about her weight in this weather!

In the book ‘Simple Abundance’ Sarah Ban Breathnach discusses ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, my favourite story as a child. In her discussion of the importance of having a personal secret garden – whether an inner retreat or physical space – Sarah quotes Frances: ‘ When you have a garden, you have a future and when you have a future, you are alive.’

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