First outdoor planting and first microherb crop!

First outdoor planting and first microherb crop!



BE at 8am this morning.

Getting used to the chill now. All the thinking has to be done in the warm before or after work and then its just go, go, go through the list and keep moving, whatever you do!! Adrian and Martin were still roofing and actually said they were sweating up there. I would love to have taken their pictures for you – especially in all their protective clobber – but a woman waving a camera doesn’t go down very well in sub zero temperatures. I didn’t want to be wearing a piece of roof on my head.


My little friend was really hungry today. Here he is watching for worms in a rhubarb hole.

Unbelievable that I was actually able to work outdoors on the beds, given the early snow covering, but by 11 much of it had thawed. It was wonderful to be out there with the blackbirds and robins planting Rhubarb ‘Victoria.’  It’s a heavy cropper with lovely tender stems. Yum. Digging in the rhubarb plot, I discovered lots of hidden crowns of existing rhubarb, so made up a compost and feed mix and gave them a top dressing they can’t resist.

In the glasshouse the winter doesn’t exist. And guess what? Our first micro herb’s were ready for harvest today!


A proud, headless Charlie.

The seed sowing cycle continues. We are so pushed for space that everything is improvised here at the moment. It’s incredible how simple layers of bubble wrap maintained the heat in our make-shift propagation room, even when the roof was off today!


Charlie sows seed outside. Believe it or not, this is not the coldest job at the moment. Evidence of that is in the background; the dreaded pot washing.


Benjy and I cut up some wool for the micro herbs and were singing. Charlie called out something that had us both in hysterics. Ah, the BE humour.














A little bit of fun to send you off into the weekend. Remember I mentioned the fish living in the peach house? It’s HUGE (well, it was huge, but I haven’t seen it for a couple of days) and I could never work out why, as it disdainfully ignores perfectly good fish feed. Today Benjy was weeding behind the tank and said that it wasn’t that the water was green with weed, it was actually moving with small frogs. I think that the fish must have been feasting on the frog spawn and that these babies are the survivors. We found that a large plant pot makes a perfect frog catcher…


Rather pleased about our frog discovery. They will eat slugs and snails aplenty.

The view by the end of the day. It feels like a miracle, that when I left at around 5.30pm it was still light enough to see.


All thawed again. The canes on the left marking where I’ve planted rhubarb.

Phew, what a week. Three of the boys have chosen to work tomorrow so I’m taking them in pastries for breakfast. Have a great weekend X


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