Working wonders in minus two…

Working wonders in minus two…

This morning the air had a dangerous bite. We were all ready for it. Minus two and layered up, ready for battle. By the time that the sun came out we had loads done. Pip and I warmed up by spreading barrow loads of compost. Undeterred, Martin and Adrian were still roofing.

First thing this morning, the glasshouse looked like this:


Ice makes magical shapes on the glass

Our boss Caroline Taylor, Restaurant Manager of Novikov came to work and hang out with us today. Luckily the sun came out and the soil defrosted so that after lunch Caroline could join me outdoors planting rhubarb.


Well, Caroline, you certainly look like you are enjoying it!

Later on in the potting shed Caroline and I sowed some more tomato seeds. These are special Italian one’s sent to us from the family of one of the Novikov chefs. Being a fine seed, they are really fiddly to sow, but we soon got into the rhythm…


We may not have a roof above us – not the tarpaulin – but there’s definitely a lot of concentration going on. NOTHING is distracting us here…

Elsewhere in the garden, Charlie and Benjy were hard at it working on the microherbs. Getting all the pots and trays ready is quite a mission when all the taps are frozen. But look at the results…


As dusk descends on the microherbs and the full moon emerges the seed trays are quite literally glowing with promise…

Peeking inside the peas look quite marvellous:


The little aliens have descended. Or is that just us?

Elsewhere the Iris were divided and replanted and Pip has totally transformed the vine house. Another great day at BE.

Tomorrow we have the exacting Novikov chefs coming. No pressure then. No pressure at all.

Breathe Merriel, breathe.

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