A taste of things to come…

A taste of things to come…

Snow had fallen overnight in the garden and when we arrived everything looked as though it had been sprinkled with sugar. Now adept at layering (of the clothing variety) I have now progressed from two pairs of trousers to the two glove system. It works amazingly and my fingers have been toasty warm. If it gets any colder you will just see a pile of clothes, otherwise known as Merriel, but I digress.


Today we had some really special visitors up from Novikov, a trio of exacting Italian chefs; Marco, Francesco and Baldassarre.  I’m sure something must be wrong because not only did they feed us the most DELICIOUS picnic, they also dug the ground with me. If that’s not a recipe for happiness, I don’t know what is! After inspecting our micro herb unit and poring over seed catalogues with us, I didn’t actually expect the chefs to have enough time to work with us, so it was lovely when they just got stuck in.

All of the soil is being turned by hand so that we don’t miss any weed roots, we know exactly what we’re dealing with and get a feel for different soil microclimates – where it’s wetter, clay lagged, grittier, free draining, driest etc.


Look at us go! PA Operations Manager Anca, Baldassarre, Head Chef Marco, Francesco and myself.

Spending a day together in the garden was fantastic, it really gave us all sense of how plot to plate will work…


Head Chef Marco and Master of Micro-herbs Charlie



Head Gardener and Head Chef. Sunshine and smiles.

Note the incredible blue sky showing through the glasshouse just after lunch. A few hours make such a difference to temperatures and light levels. Being outdoors we notice each subtle change in weather.


Some bonding going on over a Novikov handmade lunch. Well, we BE gardeners like the robins are undyingly loyal to anyone who feeds us! Soon our BE hand grown produce will be feeding thousands of people from all over the world. Amazing.

Also I should mention that we have lift off with the polytunnels! As I left tonight loads of progress had been made with the foundations of our first and biggest beast. I’ll show you tomorrow.

Deliveries of soil conditioner arrived from our Suffolk friends Field Compost. I’ve had specific mixes made up to use in specific areas. Caroline’s partner Gus also brought us some more of his farm compost which is perfect for feeding the fruit. So when the digging is done…hmmm perhaps I need the chefs again.


Love this shot. A moment of calm as the chef’s have downed tools for lunch.

This evening walking around by to a delivery site…look what we discovered…


Our quince is in flower!



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