It’s all in the name…

It’s all in the name…

Much warmer this week. We can tell this because our fingers and toes are not constantly numb and the bees are buzzing about.

Loads of exciting things going on. We now have the first BE delivery vehicle. Charlie picked it up from Novikov last night after work, so I first clapped eyes on it at 8am this morning. It looks alright, but I’ve yet to drive it.

Here in the garden – now that the frost, snow and ice has disappeared – its as if a gun has gone off and there’s a rush to get everything going. Benjy and I began working on the ‘spring’ border on Saturday. We’ve planted a selection of Iris, hyacinth and daffodils beneath the avenue of apple trees. Some of the Iris we¬†chose from Beth Chatto’s garden nursery, Iris histrioides ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’ because she sounds completely wonderful with an edge of hysteria and her blooms promise to look amazing. I must research who exactly Lady Beatrix was. This particular plant is a 1920’s introduction. Iris George is sensational. Here he is, he came into flower yesterday, encouraged by all the sun:


Iris ‘George’ is described as vigorous. A swashbuckling, handsome companion for Lady Beatrix then.

Iris reticulata Pixie is fragrant but she, along with Beatrix are not in bloom yet, we have them to look forward to.

Particularly pleased as I got all the garlic going today and made a decent start on the shallots. The first garlic to hit the prepared seed bed was…wait for it…Garlic ‘Marco’ in honour of our Italian Head Chef. To prove it, here is the name on the packet:


Hope these live up to their name, Marco!

Also managed to get another substantial chunk of digging done today with four of us on it for some ‘power’ hours. I’m reading a brilliant book at the moment entitled ‘Allotted Time, twelve months, two blokes, one shed, no idea’ by Robin Shelton. It’s had me laughing at every page I turn. I must share with you this gem from page 78:

‘For digging to be real digging, you must ask yourself at least two of the following questions: 1. Why did I start doing this? 2. Will I ever finish doing this? 3. Is it still acceptable to cry through pain in public? Or 4. Will I always walk like this?’

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Well, that’s it folks. I’m shattered.¬†Goodnight x


Heeeeeeeelp. Where has everyone gone?!

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