Looking skyward…

‘Where there is great love, there are always miracles’ Willa Cather

Good evening. Hope you’re having a wonderful Valentine’s time with the one’s you love.

Valentine’s always makes me think about connections with special people whether past or present, who have affected who we have become. For me, a brief encounter with a stranger changed the direction and purpose of my life. Often I don’t think we realise how much we impact we have on each other.

This year a wealth of brand new connections are being made thanks to nothing more than what began as the seed of an idea about something as simple as plants and soil. How amazing is that? Now the original idea is transforming like a network of mycorrhiza, silent and invisible growing stronger each day.


Head Chef Marco took this pic of Charlie hanging out with his new Novikov friends on a seminal day; the first microherb delivery…


Fruits of a labour of love

Today was a whirlwind (as usual for me) of meeting different people I would never have met unless I was here working on this project – from the people at the builders yard to the staff at the reclamation yard to the local livery suppliers. Each encounter helps unlock a little more of the local landscape and feel more at home in a place which is essentially, still new.

Joy of joys, this evening my new bike finally arrived! It’s a proper racing bike and so light I can lift it with one hand. Now my commute to work will be more of a commune with nature, unmediated by the windscreen of a car. I can’t wait to see the hedgerows change from winter twigs to spring green over the next few weeks as the sap rises. One of the things I love the most about being out in the countryside are the scents – a bonfire on a cold day, grass after rain in spring, moss baking in the summer sun, leaves turning to mulch; the simple things.


The Garden Team

Some of the motley BE crew

Lots of love from BE X







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