Another Monday flies by…

Another Monday flies by…

I used to interview Head Gardener’s as part of a series called ‘Digging Deep’ for Cornwall Today magazine. All of them said one thing – that no two days are the same. This is so true here at BE. Monday morning saw Charlie and Benjy preparing another van load of  microherbs for delivery, Georgina our nearest neighbour came to visit and brought her two boys to see what we are up to. Perhaps she has been reading our blog and knows how we function – she brought us home made cake which went down a treat at break time!

In the Vine House freshly sown marigold, broad beans, gourds and lettuce seeds are lodging until they have space elsewhere, along with the overspill from the microherbs. We installed a new hose watering system for the Vine House too. I’m sure those vines must be thrilled to be looking down on such a hive of activity. Hope that watching all the hard work makes the dessert grapes extra juicy.

In the Peach House lily bulbs have joined the nerines today. Can you imagine the perfume in summer? Peaches and lilies. Yum.

Martin is working his magic on the doors and transforming the oldest glasshouse into a usable space for my seedlings. Being a listed building this one will be renovated by an expert, but until that expert arrives we’re making safe and using the space.

Out in the beds Adrian really pushed on with the digging and Benjy and I joined him for a couple of hours.


Finally, I think more of the garden is dug, than not!

Often strange coincidental things happen to me, like when I collected my racing bike (in a town where I knew no one) then went to the optician and found out that the optician and bike shop salesman were best friends and had been in the same class at school. Anyway, I will get to the point. I was trying out my new racer yesterday and decided to take my new rural route to work to get an idea of how long it will take. There is an old phone box on a grass verge; I’ve driven past it loads of times, but never had time to stop. Pulling over, can you imagine my surprise not only to find that its crammed full of books, but that in the centre shelf was this…


Hooray, my favourite book! AND found in a wonderfully eccentric location. It must be meant for me.

I lost my childhood copy and for obvious reasons have given the book quite a bit of thought lately. And what could be more apt than procuring the identical childhood edition from the lane outside BE itself? Being attired in a hideous concoction of lycra I had nowhere to stow the book (!) so returned this evening with a selection of literature to donate in exchange for The Secret Garden. There are no instructions in the phone box, but I’m guessing its a one book in – one out policy. What a great use of an old phone box.

By now Charlie should have safely delivered the microherbs to Novikov. This is what they looked like at our end:


We’ve also been trialling edible table decorations, growing them in the vintage pots we have found here. Garlic chives and peas were the first to get the trial treatment. I hope that the chefs like them! This sort of thing is right up my street – creating beautiful centrepieces full of drama. I can see them cascading with jewel bright edible flowers too. Can you imagine?

Of course there are always downs as well as ups. A mouse has eaten some of my first broad beans to germinate which had been looking particularly perky and gobbled the a tray of sweet pea seeds. Ugh. If only I could train the robins to pretend they were birds of prey.

But look what was hiding under my fleece…


Yep – the radish have kicked into life – a sure sign that the soil is warming as these babies are outdoors.

And had to include this pic of Benjy loading the microherbs. He certainly looks happy to be here…





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