Puddings and puppies. Which is sweeter?

Puddings and puppies. Which is sweeter?


Hello world!

This morning I had a list of chores to do away from the garden. It’s always a bit tedious leaving BE, especially now that the seed sowing mania has kicked in. But look who was waiting for me behind the counter of my first stop! He’s called Axel and is 14 weeks old and freshly arrived in Suffolk from Birmingham. Apparently he’s settled in brilliantly. Within seconds Axel was in my arms. What a cutie. The store in question is great too, an independent old fashioned, nothing is too much trouble, kind of place. We get everything from gas bottles to bird boxes to compost from Alan despite the shop describing itself as an animal feed store.


A proud Alan of A and D Fayers, Lavenham with his brand new addition.

With added verve I completed the rest of my chores which included ordering beautiful paint for the walled garden doors, getting more secateurs, stationary supplies and advertising for more staff.

On my return really got cracking with the seed sowing. We’ve still got a gazillion BE broad beans to sow but felt that I at least made a dint in them. We will be mainly growing them for their edible flowers – flowers have been the focus of my thoughts a lot this week. Rose scented pelargoniums are among my favourites. I might take a trip to a specialist pelargonium nursery tomorrow to stock up. Lavender needs to be here too, not in dribs and drabs but in huge swathes. Planting is always show stopping en masse. I’m planning on lining the walls with sunflowers of all varieties so that it looks as if the amazing orange bricks are literally glowing. I want to capture and reflect the spectacular illumination we get at sunset in bloom-form. The bigger the height and flower size, the better for me. We’ve sown lots of ‘Russian Giant’ which can reach 15ft (4.5m) today I was sowing some other tall varieties and a sweet little sunflower called ‘Music box’ which Charlie brought up from Devon. I challenge anyone not to smile at the sight of masses of saucer sized blooms nodding in the summer breeze. Charlie suggested a sunflower ‘contest’ to see who grows the biggest sunflower – but I’m really competitive. Is it good for team spirit?!


Sowing sunflowers



I’ve got a huge fruit order to put in which will double the size of our fruit production area. The things we’ve chosen are slightly unusual and combine old heritage varieties with new discoveries and cultivars. Top secret stuff. Being a pudding lover, I’m thinking of ice creams, delicious sweet garnish, crumble’s and fruit sorbets. Mmmmm.

Meanwhile Martin has been busy working on installing new water pipes and points, rewiring and among his million and one missions which include building an oil tank standing and poly-tunnel paving, I’ve now added cloches – we are going to need LOADS of them in the next few weeks.


Enjoy your weekend X

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