Venturing into the wider estate…and beyond!

Venturing into the wider estate…and beyond!



Adrian and the orchard pruning volunteers get stuck in

An exciting day for Adrian and I. Our first volunteer group welcomed into the garden! They were all members of the Women’s Farm and Garden Association (WFGA, and came to help us prune the orchard which nestles within the 42 acre wider estate. Adrian had done his research and produced great hand-outs detailing all of the known apple varieties we have here in the orchard and their locations.

We set to work with ladders, loppers, pruning saws and secateurs. Adrian and I needn’t have worried, most of the volunteers already work as gardeners and came well equipped with both knowledge and tools.

The new portakabin acted as base camp and it served its purpose really well. Martin had even plumbed in water for us…now all we need is power – which should be connected on Wednesday – and we are away. I can’t let you see much of it yet as it’s rather like an aliens’ portal, but once we’ve painted it, planted around it and I’ve blinged up the inside BE fashion, it might be acceptable for viewing.

Over the weekend Benjy and I went on a BE expedition. I drove the van to Woottens of Wenhaston renowned for its pelargonium and iris collections, Henstead Exotic Garden and a tucked away salvage place which doesn’t charge the earth – unlike the one near here. We had a brilliant time. Driving a van is enjoyable as you get a bit of extra height and we glimpsed views we’d never seen before. I’ve never seen Benjy as happy as when we were in a huge polytunnel crammed with pelargoniums.



One happy Benjy with one of the thousands of pelargoniums we had to choose from!

We chose rose (Attar of roses, my favourite) and lemon scented ones for our Victorian glasshouse here. Not only will they fill it with fragrance, but both their leaves and exquisite little flowers are edible. As an added twist we also got some night scented Pelargonium gibbosum for any of us doing a late shift.

We haggled for some lovely Victorian water tanks to use as planters and collected a lot of our plants from Henstead where Andrew had been looking after them for us while we moved house. I took this pic of him in one of his polytunnels (which he’s had for only one year) to illustrate a true plant obsessive!


Andrew peers out from his jam packed polytunnel

Placed the big fruit order today and joining the Suffolk Walled Garden Society for us…

BE – 8 Mice -1

We are winning!


Sweet little cameo in the Victorian glasshouse


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