One side dug…

One side dug…

All I have to say to you tonight is…ONE SIDE DONE…



Yesterday as the sun set, almost there…


Today, the right hand side has been completely hand dug. The distant figures of Adrian and Benjy still hard at work on the other side.

I ache.

When I think of all the people who have dug a simple patch of ground I am proud. At least eight people have poured energy, enthusiasm and love into this soil; the best possible start for our seedlings.

Another load of microherbs packed and off to London early tomorrow morning. Seed sowing in full swing. We had a surprise visitor – Tony! He has been off ill for six weeks, but I’m delighted to report is well on the way to recovery and will be back with us next week. Charlie gave him some of our amazing microherbs to try – so Tony should definitely have an extra spring in his step!

Tomorrow morning we will be making cloches in earnest and getting to work on warming up the soil.

BE: 9 Mice: 1


As the soil warms, welcome to my next nightmare. HUNDREDS of snails.

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