Belinda is back!

Belinda at work - Brent Eleigh Walled Garden

Belinda is back!


Wish you were here?

One of the renovated entrances into work this morning. Look how the morning sun is already filling the garden behind the wall. I love the symmetry of these pear trees now that they have been cleared of ivy. It must be spring as I found myself waking up really early and raring to go.

On Friday, Benjy was weeding beneath an old rose bush near this door and look what he found, a key. Of course it no longer turns in the door lock; time and rust have out paid to that but the keyhole remains. Tony described how all the doors into the garden used to be locked. I began to think about how precious a resource home grown food was. Lavenham Guildhall is full of tales of previous incumbents (in its prison days) who stole meagre amounts of food to survive and were whipped or deported. Supply and demand is always interesting. In the early 1600’s it was tulipmania, where the bulbs fetched thousands and now we are in the era of galanthamania.


Beautiful old key. Daily, what once was lost is slowly being found.

Lots more planting today. More  BE broad beans, more edible flowers. We are on the cusp of the seasons here and poised ready to plant more veg as soon as the frosts stop. Each morning I still scrape my windscreen but the temperatures are rising to 14 degrees in the day and 25 in the main glasshouse. I excavated two more giant handfuls of snails today. It was raining this evening as I left and relatively mild in the day, I think they could seriously strike my new plantings tonight.

Martin and Adrian were busy putting in water pipes to the polytunnels and portakabin. Can you recognise our old friend?


The boys – happy with their toys.

Yes, it’s Belinda! She really came into her own today, shifting loads of soil. Out of the soil Martin pulled a few more twist edged tiles to add to the spring border.

On Sunday we hadn’t really planned it, but five of us just arrived and worked. The weather was stunning.

At the moment we are recruiting which is a little tricky. We have bonded so well as a team and know how each other tick. I have found someone whom I’m excited about having here. He already knows the garden well and is in the process of retiring from a former career. More on that later. We may also have found someone to help with the microherbs and delivery. Charlie has someone in mind. He’s visiting us at the weekend.


Rory waters in freshly planted dianthus in the edible flower bed.

This could be my favourite photo I’ve taken in the garden so far. The new and emerging peach blossom against the many layers of the ancient wall:







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