Potting on…

Merriel, the head gardener potting plants

Potting on…

A day full of promise. The first seeds we sowed for planting outdoors have all grown into healthy little seedlings, ready for potting on. Everything is screaming for attention. We put on music, set up our system and got into the groove. By late afternoon a pot acquisition mission was required. I chucked a load of stuff into the van for the recycling centre and was on my way. It appears that the council do not work gardeners hours as they were closed when I arrived at 4.15.  However on my way back I stopped in the village for more compost and before I knew it Alan was kindly loading his bonfire with my BE tut. That’s village life for you!


The tomato seedlings go from cell trays into bigger pots.

Finds of the day- two more rope twist Victorian edging tiles for the collection and an old tile with attractive pattern. I wonder how old it is and where it came from?:


When reading the weekend paper I was horrified to learn that in the latest edition of the Oxford Junior Dictionary emits such entries as ‘acorn, adder and bluebell’ to allow more space for definitions for such things as ‘celebrity, broadband and voicemail.’ If  – as Robert Macfarlane argues – language does not just register experience, it produces it, what does this omission of nature mean? I for one would happily write a thesis on this question.

Today we are being asked to vote for Britain’s National Bird because we don’t currently have one. Here are the ten choices: hen harrier, red kite, blackbird, robin, bluetit, wren, mute swan, barn owl, puffin, kingfisher. There is obviously a clear contender for me, although I hear that my red breasted friend is no longer fashionable. You can vote at: www.votenationalbird.com

‘The garden is a ground plot for the mind.’ Thomas Hill 1577





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