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Misty BE



Beautiful BE

There’s been a misty haze around us here at BE for the last few days, almost mythical. Not that we’ve felt particularly ethereal – more like exhausted. I’ve been having nightmares about giant predators and its no wonder when we keep digging up these chafer grubs! They will happily much their way through roots and are lurking in the soil waiting to eat all my freshly planted young things. I don’t think so. Parasitic nematodes will soon be installing themselves within their immediate vicinity.


Yesterday it rained heavily in the morning and so we had a power seed sowing mission in the big polytunnel. The sound of the rain on the cover is quite something and it’s bright in there, even on the most overcast of days. Yes, I confess, I used the potting machine. We got thirteen different species sown which included such delights as mint, pumpkins, squash, artichoke, cauliflower and runner bean and these which no one ordered. Perhaps the seed company thought we were particularly in need.


I definitely didn’t order these!

After the rain was the perfect time to start planting the new fruit. Tayberries, Logan berries, Honey berries and blackcurrants have all gone in. I’m particularly tired this evening as I’ve been digging trenches all day for the fruit and backfilling with compost before planting. I love the physical absorption of the work, its all consuming and far better than a gym. With this restoration project we are so lucky to be able to see the results of our efforts around us every day. How satisfying.

The vine house was running at full tilt as Charlie and Benjy packed the microherbs today. The scent of freshly cut coriander in there was incredible.


Coriander anyone?

We are really thrilled that Novikov are liking the microherbs. We’ve had some really positive feedback this week which is brilliant.

Meanwhile the landscaping is progressing rapidly. We now have a much better drive to the service area and paths to the polytunnels and portakabin, the culmination of many hours of effort from Martin and Adrian with guest appearances from Belinda and her fancyman, the digger.

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