Buzzing in the hive…

Buzzing in the hive…

Wow! It’s been so busy these last few days. A representative from the Suffolk Bee Keeper’s Association was here to look at our bees and Ros bravely got all suited up to investigate our swarm of 5-6,000 bees! (apparently this is small)  Despite getting stung on the hand through the gloves (these are the BE bees after all) she bravely investigated the hive complete with more content than we bargained for. Turns out we have wax moth, woodworm and verroa mite. They certainly need the BE love.


We have the skinny mini digger in, look how slim she is…she and Belinda have been working closely together to shift years worth of topsoil covering the original paths.


With all this glass around, thank goodness I’m not driving!

Martin is used to ploughing with massive tractors, so this little thing is a bit of a downscale! Its perfect for our narrow walled garden paths though. I’m really surprised we could get anything this tiny, with so much power.

Loads more seed sowing in microherb world and the potting shed. The microherb peas are already looking triffid like in their trays.


Outside we planted the first of the brassicas today, kale. Parsley went in and the rows of radish were thinned. Tomorrow amongst a billion other things, the potato trenches need to digging. I’m praying for no rain…

Night X


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