The mad March wind is ablowing…

The mad March wind is ablowing…


After taking the van to the garage and various other tedious chores in the outside world, the simple act of planting early seed potatoes is a real treat!

 SO windy here today that emergency hair restraints had to be put in place – otherwise known as a buff, which generally is used when mountain climbing, but in gale force winds…needs must. On my excursion to a certain car parts warehouse to get black spray paint (don’t ask) I told them it was holding my brain in. I think we’re all a little fed up of being human kites, but there’s only one more day of this forecast.

We all started at 7.30am this morning. It’s light so early that it seems silly not to, now that we are hitting the growing season. We’ve had a few meetings in recent days to sort out progress for the next couple of months and I actually think they’ve been really productive. Adrian brought in a fantastic game entitled something along the lines of ‘boardroom bingo.’ When you hit five phrases within the meeting you can shout ‘bingo.’ Unfortunately real work stopped play.

Charlie cultivating micro herbs

Charlie sows more seed. Look at our home made seed dispenser. Custom made by Martin.

Sooner or later I’m going to need mouse counselling. They’ve eaten all the peas again. Picture the scene, one tiny hole now surrounded by three mouse traps – so sensitive that one was triggered by a bee. The mouse somehow manages to eat the bait, and not set off the trap. We’ve obviously killed all the dim ones and are now left with a single BE super mouse.

We are really excited at the prospect of lots of new benching. These extra benches will encourage air circulation around the seedling roots and prevent our mice friends from such an easy picnic. We’ve got two local carpenters winging their way to us to make us some specific microherb customised staging. Hope they are up to the challenge.

Micro Herbs

What a microherb colour palette…

Ah well, we’ve got a big digger on its way to make the Devon bank/hedge and a painter in the pipeline. Such was the force of the wind that one of the tallest pines lost a limb, but luckily it fell in the woodland well away from us. The cloches I put up to protect seedlings have taken a real bashing, but their contents were fine as I left this evening.

All day I was chuckling to myself. We lost internet connection this morning- it comes and goes according to the wind speed/temperature/time of day (you get the idea) which is SO FRUSTRATING. I walked into the portakabin and there was Charlie holding a broom in the air with the dongle threaded through the bristles. This is no ordinary broom, its a BE broom and as such doubles as a handy internet booster chatting to the village aerial through the woods if it feels like it. Why is it that connection always goes at the precise moment you press ‘send’ on an email? or have filled in pages of account details to pay for something? Sometimes life sucks, but we’re still smiling…or maybe its just the madness setting in.

We heard the chiff chaff today for the first time this year, a good sign of Spring.

Charlie and Merriel

The scruffs

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