Happy Easter X

Happy Easter X

‘April, the Angel of the months’ Vita Sackville-West

Now that the wind has stopped, the garden feels tranquil. Today it rained softly releasing a wonderful scent of Spring. It was perfect for the plants after the warmth of yesterday afternoon. The soil is crackling with potential (as are the rapidly germinating weed seeds) From now until the end of June, from dawn to dusk its all hands on deck. Here’s an example. Adrian arrived at 7.20 yesterday clutching a can of a certain energy drink yesterday – unusual for him; further enquiry revealed that he was in fact dropping his partner at Stansted airport at 4.15am. He then proceeded to manually dig out stumps that the digger had failed to remove. Top marks!

April has brought lots of new arrivals, including Polly. With a background in botanic art – she taught at the Chelsea Physic garden – and a passion for making her own charcoal, and pencils from bamboo how could I not include her in the team?  


Polly watering in the Victorian glasshouse.

One of Polly’s fascinations is soil structure. We did a bit of digging together, despite her bow and arrow injury and having to nip off to get her stitches taken out. We then potted on tomatoes, sunflowers and broad beans.

Meanwhile Guy, Charlie and Benjy have been busy harvesting, William (another new arrival – our South African painter from Cape Town) arrived and within two hours began painting the potting shed doors.


Guy and Charlie with the micro pea shoot planters for our Novikov display.

Martin and Andy have been making our Devon bank, shifting vast amounts of earth to landscape the back of the polytunnel area. We will sow it with wild flowers and grass seed. The base layer of the central path has gone down and been compacted. Much of the hard landscaping is coming together – Martin is particularly proud of his new drain, which I have to admit is pretty smart!

Here is a sneak preview of the Devon bank as it looked just before I left BE tonight. As you can see, even our service area – this is pot washing and oil tank designated – is beginning to smarten up…


The kale got such a treat today. It was planted in soft mist, while listening to classical music. I remember spreading compost on this particular stretch of soil in my first week here, back in November with Adrian. Now that compost has rotted over the winter to form a lovely rich loam and forked over beautifully. Incredibly rewarding to both see and feel our effort and care taking shape.


Pampered kale.

On my first day at work I found a single flowering primrose, despite winter setting in. Now look. They are the colour of newborn chicks, happiness, and new life. Have a FANTASTIC Easter XX


Harvested wild primrose on the potting bench, waiting to be taken to Novikov. A fantastic edible garnish to crown any dish.




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