The heat is on!

The heat is on!

Summer must be on it’s way. We’re mowing every couple of days, watering like mad people – four times a day in some areas – abandoning the kettle in favour of water and yes, the shorts have officially been aired this week.  


Benjy mows the top border. Everything is zingy and bright green at the moment.

Loads of things are venturing outside. We are praying for no late frosts. Tony warns us that we can get frost here as late as the end of May, but by sowing loads we at least have some back up’s for everything. And anyway, what’s life without a little risk? None of us would be at BE without it! Sweetpeas, calendula, nasturtium, kale, mizuna, sunflowers are among this week’s plantings outside. Polly our resident artist come gardener has been busy weaving willow amongst the bamboo supports that Guy made so that we will be supporting our peas in great style…


The aliens have descended! The early prototypes which are being worked on in a secret location in the woods.

Last week Polly and I went shopping for plants for landscaping the areas around the polytunnels and potting shed. We were getting a little carried away, but much to everyone’s relief we couldn’t fit these bamboo’s in the van. However we did get a Lutyens hardwood bench, some magnolias, a tree fern, a strawberry tree and a rhododendron.


No. They won’t fit in the van.

We had the new tables delivered last week and they look great in situ. On the day they arrived, they were assembled and full. The plants in the Victorian glasshouse and vine house are very happy indeed. In other news the bees have been taken away, rehabilitated with new hive and bee healthcare for their multitude of problems and are shortly to return. They will be housed just outside of the walled garden where they won’t be disturbed. From their new retreat they will be able to visit any time they like to pollinate all of our fantastic blossom and hopefully won’t feel inclined to sting.


The new benching fits in neatly, as if it’s always been there. And look at all these nasturtiums which we grew from seed, raring to go…both leaves and flowers are edible and they make great companion plants. A win all round.

In the borders where we are planting sunflowers I was weeding when we came across this splash of sunshine. OK I know a plant in the wrong place is a weed, but I just didn’t have the heart to pull out all this mass of celandine…


A little bird tells me that it is National Gardening Week AND the film ‘A Little Chaos’ (described as being ‘based around a shared passion for gardening’) is out today! Have a brilliant weekend X






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