Another scorcher!

Another scorcher!

Another scorcher at BE today. It means getting in at 7.30 and planting as much as we can before 11am when the heat of the day kicks in, then watering like crazy to keep everything alive, weeding more, then planting some more.

The swallows arrived last week and we are eagerly awaiting the first cuckoo. As I left this evening the garden looked as if it was sparkling. The heat had eased from the sun and everything was still. The first apple blossom is on the verge of breaking. Tomorrow it will be open…


The nasturtiums planted this morning were like gold coins with the sun shining through the leaves this evening.


In the fruit cage wood chip has gone down to suppress weeds and retain moisture. Polly made some lovely hazel pegs to hold the matting (which is beneath) in place.


Benjy spreads bark chippings


One of Polly’s hazel pegs. They look like wishbones and it seems a shame that they will be unseen.

Polly’s boyfriend Liam came to help us dig and generally help us out yesterday. Thanks Liam. It was good to have five of us digging, knowing that the Charlie and Guy were doing their amazing thing with the microherbs and Martin laying the foundations for our patio. And yes. FINALLY we finished digging the whole of the walled garden!! Of course with each planting we still have to re-dig to create the fine tilth we are after, but it’s really gratifying to know that every inch of the walled garden has been hand dug.

We’ve been planting sweetpeas – highly scented old varieties for their edible flowers and lots of peas for their pods – yum.


These will almost be good enough to live in once the foliage has covered them a little more.

Have a great evening. Hope the sun’s still shining where you are. X


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