Our first fruit!

Our first fruit!

Thank goodness. I’ve been praying for rain. And over the weekend it has rained. Since Polly started working here over three weeks ago, we hadn’t had a drop. The ground had become like a desert, the clay hard baked. On the hottest days, many of the new seedlings were baking in the soil and we had to water four times a day just to sustain life.

With the fresh rainfall comes new growth. The change in soil consistency, just from light, brief rainfall is incredible. Now the ground is rich and crumbly and perfect for planting again. But here’s the flipside. Before 8am I was on the borders, collecting these…


Three plant pot-fulls later and I was satisfied that the slugs and snails attacking the radish and sunflowers, at least, had been dealt with!

Polly and I continued planting out. Today cornflowers (edible and pretty) and more broad beans, bravely going in on the cooler side of the garden. We had a frost again last night – can you believe it? We could see it as a glaze on the soil and some of the nasturtiums looked a little brown around the edges, poor things.

Thanks to all the recent sun and now rain, BE Bootcamp now has a new addition. Power weeding. Similar to winter digging, but with more complex rules depending on if some of these seedlings are actually edible and therefore not for the chop, eg. borage…


Polly planting broad beans. I think she looks very beautiful and ethereal here – perhaps its something to do with the styling of her jumper/headgear?!

In the peach house this afternoon there where whoops of excitement. In the morning nothing special and then by 1.30 the ripening of our FIRST strawberry. Here she is…


Our first BE fruit of the year.

Of course, you may remember that I mentioned a while ago that the peach house is home to some little critters. Due to the heat we were soaking tatsoi (spinach mustard) by floating it in the submerged water tank. I had to smile when these three caught my eye. I’m sure they are enjoying tatsoi as much as any lily pad. Someone installed a little plank walkway in case they wanted to trot in and out with more ease. The plank turned out to be sawn timber for Martin’s woodshed. Whoops.


The perfect microclimate for frogs in the peach house.

Lots more went down to Novikov tonight. As I left the boys were still loading the van. Among the produce were our BE edible microherb table decorations…


and a wealth of edible flowers including this weeks highlight – forget me nots  (Myosotis); they are in the borage family and make a great garnish to savoury or sweet. I love them. With that thought, good evening x


Fresh picked and in the packing shed. Every shade of sky and sea is in these forget me nots.


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