First cuckoo

First cuckoo

A lovely showery day in the garden. I spent it much of it in the potting shed and glasshouse, potting on, sowing seed and labelling. I have to confess that when the heavy rain came, I ran to the water butts and they were miraculously full! I potted on whatever looked too tight or cramped in seed trays and made rows out in the rain for soaking. Rainwater is so much better than tap water for making plants happy.

This runner bean seedling had such perfect heart shaped leaves that I had to show you. This is Runner bean ‘Moonlight.’ I can’t wait to see the flowers.


Outside in the rain ‘Moonlight’ joined all the runner bean ‘Snowstorm’. Great names aren’t they?


These old potato chitting trays are just right for carrying all the seedlings. Martin sourced them from his secret supplier!

It’s not all good news. Yesterday I lost two huge rows of cauliflower to pigeons and this morning I came in to find a mole had uprooted the kale. Really upsetting, but its always how we go forward that’s important. Now at least we know what we’re dealing with, rather than finding out when the crops were more advanced. We will replant with more protection.


A wet glasshouse as seen from the potting shed. I direct sowed more rows of radish in the old cold frame.

Benjy heard the first BE cuckoo yesterday.


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