Winter’s end

Winter’s end


Blue sky and apple blossom

Blossom is everywhere in the garden now. This is my favourite time of year. This morning Benjy, Polly and I prepared the soil for grass sowing. We raked the area smooth, pulling out old roots and weeds and then broadcast the seed. There was a gentle breeze, so it spread well. Benjy was rather pleased with his find of the day – an old steel toe cap from a boot. The question is, did it belong to a gardener here or a soldier form WW2? It has a serial number on it, so perhaps we could trace it. Our dug up ‘treasure’ is mounting daily and consists of such delights as a horses tooth, melted torso of a toy plastic horse and perfume bottle complete with lid.

Charlie and I are looking forward to interviewing for the delivery driver tomorrow. At the moment Guy and Charlie have been doing a full days hard physical work and then driving to London and back in the evenings. Amazing.

The concrete for the base of the packing shed arrived today. Martin’s partner Gemma and his dad Brian came to help and then it was all hands on deck to barrow it down to the site.

In the garden we planted more lavender, marigolds, more coriander, more kale, transferred the celery seedlings into bigger pots and sowed more radish seed as well as the usual power weeding!

My highlight of the day was discovering that the first potatoes had germinated. I was planting marigolds at the time when I noticed perfect leaves breaking through the soil. Such a great feeling. Down by the peas the carrots have germinated. A thin green fuzz is developing nicely. Guy will soon be adding carrot fly barrier maker to his pea wigwam making skills.


More vivid red ion show today in the peach house.

 After initial success with the chocolate cake made for BE staff,  Benjy is rustling something up in the kitchen for tomorrow. I think it involves chocolate. No pressure for me you understand. It’s Mayday and we are all keen to eat our way into what promises to be a fantastic new month of growing. Polly is making us pea and artichoke soup and Guy will be cooking a curry with cream. Who cares about the calories? Certainly not ravenous gardeners in Spring. What a month of new beginning’s it’s been.

Good evening X

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