Pigeon pie anyone?

Pigeon pie anyone?




WANTED. Dead or alive. A muddy footed pigeon. Came in this morning to find ANOTHER row of kale missing. We replanted yesterday and covered with fleece, but as you can see the pigeons were oblivious. Time to employ Fort Flocks. Polly and Benjy created and anti pigeon fortress worthy of champions…


I have visions of a selection of wandering gardeners on night snail watch¬†impaling themselves on the bamboo. Must get some cane tops. Don’t think any of our feathered friends will be landing in a hurry though; plus¬†there’s always the prospect of pigeon pie (and a great viewpoint from the Victorian glasshouse)

Needless to say, more kale was planted today along with beetroot and cabbage. The rain didn’t arrive and the soil is drying again, so back to a lot of watering. Thankfully Martin installed two more hose points, so this is a lot easier than it was and of course we use the water butts and harvested rainwater wherever possible.

We welcomed the potential delivery drivers today. The role is a vital one as they have to get our produce to Novikov in pristine condition and it’s like letting our children go. All the hard work and effort of weeks, sometimes many months is transported in that van. The decision is a unanimous one on the best candidate. Watch this space to see who arrives!


Happy May Day XXX

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