Our biggest harvest yet…

Our biggest harvest yet…

Our biggest harvest yet! I’m sure the van is groaning under the weight of all our produce this evening as it makes its way to Novikov. Never have so many microherbs been cut and packed and never have we sent such an assortment, from strawberries, rhubarb, cowslip, apple blossom, wild garlic to name but a few.


The colour of these broad bean flowers – cut this evening – is quite extraordinary. They have a delicate fragrance like wild rose and taste amazing.

Our newest recruit, snowboarding enthusiast Liam has been busy with Charlie and Guy getting to grips with cutting, packing and weighing our produce…


A great hoard of mixed micro-leaves

Out in the garden a whole new outdoor ‘Legume room’ was beginning to take shape. Here our vast assortment of climbing beans and peas will hang out in the best possible style. Polly and Benjy worked hard coppicing hazel from the wood and by this afternoon they had the basis completed. I can’t wait to see our all the different textures and shapes reaching for the sky.


Polly and Benjy looking justifiably proud…


…And adding a touch of BE theatrics to the proceedings…the pea tamers extraordinaire.

I planted haloes of runner bean ‘snowstorm’ around the tepee style supports constructed so carefully by Guy. The weather was perfect for planting – about 15c with light showers. The beans look great in their new home and I’m only hoping that snails and slugs don’t move in overnight (although I’ve taken precautions) or their close neighbours the vine weevils. Vine weevils don’t like runner beans. No, honestly, they really don’t. I hope.

It’s a wonder I sleep at night. Ants have had a good nibble at our early strawberries (despite a liberal amount of ant killer applied liberally in the general environs) and the pigeons have returned despite our anti flocking devices. Only one row of kale had been damaged today and that’s because we hoped that an assortment of bamboo canes capable of impaling any human, would deter them from landing. Wrong. We have to wire net everything. Ah well.


Flavour matches colour: intense. NOTHING like a supermarket strawberry.

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