Lurking in my fridge, there is…

Lurking in my fridge, there is…


What a shade of green! If you look carefully you can just see Polly watering in the distance.

Both Polly and I have been obsessing about this new shade of green. The very first. It’s so bright that it almost stings the eyes. Almost like seeing dawn in a new country for the first time. We are definitely well into BE’s second season; 6 months since the project began. This month it’s all about the competition. The race is on, quite literally. At this stage of growth, both billions of weed seedlings and every new seedling we’ve planted are about the same size. Of course each weed seedling is perfectly adapted for its particular microclimate. We just have to select the survivors. If we don’t weed quickly enough, the weeds will easily outcompete the chosen seedlings. Game over.

There are also the pests. Along with the weeds they are all waking up, loving this warmer weather. Today the nematodes landed. Here they are in the vine weevil ridden broad bean bed. 250 million nematodes in this box are hungrily awaiting their prey, vine weevils.


The nematodes have arrived.

However, they need to be applied via a knapsack sprayer and either at dawn or dusk to already wet soil. Tomorrow morning at dawn it is. In the meantime they have to be kept cool, so as not to break their current dormancy. Guess where they’re sleeping? My fridge. So far I have had all sorts of nightmares about giant snails, ordering the wrong coloured pots, plant labels that blow away in the wind…you get the kind of paranoia I’m living with. I wonder if these creatures will enter my dreams tonight. As long as they remain box bound…

As I write this I’m sat in the BE portakabin. It’s just me and the birds with the evening sun glancing through the open door. I thought you might like to see some behind the scenes stuff. So here are the bare bones of our exciting new tractor and packing shed. I really like seeing the wall of the walled garden behind the new carcass and have to smile at my first memories of the shed. We were clearing it out and I was leaning on a support post talking to Martin with a bonfire blazing outside. Suddenly the entire post gave way. I didn’t fall very far and the roof only caved in a little!


And here is the new patio area. Eventually this will be my office space and kitchen for the Novikov chefs and guests to come and cook the contents of the garden. In the meantime we are putting in a patio so that we can get some basic outdoor cooking and entertaining going. We have grass seeded the area and the blossom in the background is from the apple tree and you can just see the edge of what will be a wild flower bank (in the far right). In a month’s time it should be transformed.


Well, that’s it folks. I’m off home to eat something. Anything. As long as its not the nematodes X

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