Rain and blossom are falling…

Rain and blossom are falling…

Finally. Proper rain came. Blossom fell from the trees like snowflakes, coating the beds in a petal mulch. The air was clear and crisp.


By the bothy, the sunflowers, artichokes and buxus are sprinkled with petals.

A day of harvest, salad leaf bed preparation and root planting. I know it’s crazy, but I love planting in gentle spring rain. No root disturbance, hence no shock for the seedlings and the perfect form of watering in. Generally the birds are hushed and everything is slightly muted, giving the illusion of time gained.

The rhubarb shone, coated in water.


This evening I picked these in the rain. They should be at Novikov in time for this evening’s puddings…

We sent lovage (love ache) down to the restaurant for the first time. It’s such a beautiful plant and one of the ones already here. The taste is like celery, but much better in my opinion; milder, yet with a depth of flavours. I wonder what the chefs will do with it? Can’t wait to find out. Liam is making his first solo trip to Novikov to deliver our treasure.


Liam with the lovage. The last thing to go into the van this evening.

My latest fascination is with yarrow. Like the lovage, it has self seeded in the garden, peeping out from beneath the box hedge. When I was planting nearby yesterday it’s gentle scent – similar to chamomile – was soothing. I tore some off and kept it in my pocket, like lavender. On doing some research I was amazed by it’s history. You can eat the leaves, but there’s so much more. Soldier’s used it to staunch wounds hence one of its common names, soldiers woundwort. I feel a yarrow based poem coming on.

Of course, I should mention the nematodes. They have been released. I spent much time with a heavy backpack (knapsack sprayer) pretending I was mountain climbing, a one woman band, a lone traveller to the moon, on a hobby horse, an angel (the sacking used to stop the straps digging in, my wings) a stalker of aliens or ghosts or both…you get the idea. After two hours the fascination wore off. I realised I’d overfilled the water container and a nematode rich solution had soaked my back along with the rain. No vine weevils on me tonight.




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