Salad days

Salad crops at Brent Eleigh Walled Garden

Salad days

Polly and I prepared the new salad leaf area today. We measured eight beds with great precision, not only using the Victorian plumb line but also bamboo stakes,  twine, surveyors tape and of course the magic wand. The wand was a Polly creation; it basically consists of a bamboo pole with various lines on it for measuring out planting beds. And a bow. Magic.


Us girls in the heart of the emerging creation.


Feeling the sparkle…

Charlie and Polly then raked the new seed beds to an amazingly fine tilth, irrigated and sowed the first seeds of mizuna. Charlie is a wizard with the rake and demonstrated many moves while working that soil! Note the ‘Terror Hawk’ hovering in the background. He’s called Kes (after the book about the kestrel which being a different species may be confusing) and we are getting him tamed, or should I say untangled, with no sign of pigeon return.



Char performs the ‘rake spin.’

And here’s something to make you smile for the weekend. While spraying yesterday I caught sight out of the corner of my eye of this amazing outfit. Benjy – having left his coat at home and caught in rain – was calmly harvesting wearing a concoction of pot washing day glo, microherb stickers and carrier bags. Go Benjy.


On the subject of fashion, thought you might like to see my handbag/office. Basically a handmade willow trug that I picked up at Bury market. Would you like to rummage? Well, a woman can never reveal all but there’s a notebook, fountain pen, always a book, my mobile phone, gardening gloves, hats for rain or sun, a selection of dibbers, the most urgent seeds to be sown and labels. Yes it is heavy. A small price to pay for centralising chaos.


Have a great weekend. And get to a native wood if you can. The bluebells are coming out. X

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