Unexpected arrivals!

Unexpected arrivals!

Polly’s Birthday today and wonderful drama in the weather. Showers then sunshine and even a little thunder. One minute we were planting and the next gusts of wind and rain. Undeterred by the weather Polly’s boyfriend Liam (yes, we have two Liam’s here) unexpectedly arrived in the afternoon, having cycled from Colchester train station (he lives in London).

We soon had him cutting hazel clips and helping to prepare the salad leaf bed. But he knows the routine; anyone who enters BE is automatically put to work!


The birthday girl and boyfriend!

Here’s what Polly was up to on her special day. And I have to say what could be a better start to the year than the creation of birthday beds? The tilth looks AMAZING. Loads of raking and levelling has gone into this, so that when the seed is sown it will have the perfect start in life. We can’t do more than that.


Polly fine tunes one of the new beds…

Benjy and I planted marigolds, more radish and baby turnips in huge rows. We’ve almost closed the gap between edible flowers and solanaceae. Just one more row of parsnips (Benjy dug the trench fully worthy of WW2 in readiness) and we’ll be there. Then it was weeding, weeding and more weeding and planting mangetout and more runner beans.

The roof is going on the packing shed. I might show you tomorrow. It now looks like a proper building. Martin’ really powering on.


Greening up nicely. The white alien thing, is fleece to prevent carrot fly from descending when thinning the crop.

Meanwhile the other Liam was off collecting our shiny new van. High excitement, as not only is this van masses bigger, its refrigerated. Now we know that our precious loads will arrive unscathed, no matter how dense the traffic across central London.

Have a great evening and think of me if you’re going to Chelsea… X




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