Film time!

Film time!

‘Come in number one, your time is up!’ Here’s a little cameo of my wheelbarrow at the end of the day yesterday. I wanted BE to look it’s ultimate best as we had Elite Traveller filming all day here today and we have in house filming again tomorrow.


All the filming took me back to my days as a print journalist. I love to direct a good shot which illustrates a story. I used to run the Digging Deep series for Cornwall Today magazine in which I drew out the character and history of all the Head Gardener’s and their gardens. Now I am a Head Gardener myself. It’s still a shock – female Head Gardener’s are few and far between.

The story of the rediscovery and restoration of BE is one which tells itself. So many quirky details. The film crew were all thrilled with what they found and said that they had enough to make two films, rather than one. I’ll give you the link to the film as soon as I get it. We were blessed with the weather – tricky for filming I know- rain and sun. After each shower the leaves were lit up and vibrant. Seeing BE like this, alive with new activity is so rewarding. I really don’t think that the garden could have looked fresher or more lovely.


The crew laughed at my mug and told me to put it on here, so here it is…

Amongst all the filming we got loads done. Now all the salad leaves in the newest beds are sown, the sweetcorn has all been sown, there are more pea canes waiting for planting tomorrow, the radish have been thinned and the packing shed roof is on.


Wow! These were only tiny thinnings from my rows to radish, to give the others more of a chance, but what colour and flavour! I shared them with Martin and Adrian who had been busy roofing all day…

Well. That’s me done for the day. I’m off to lie down in a darkened room. X

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