Keep calm…

Keep calm…

Initiation around here used to be by getting stung by the bees (which I did in style by getting stung up the nostril). Today I mowed the end of my finger off with the baby leaf clippers. Perhaps that’s overstating the case. There was blood and basically I looked away while Nurse Guy stuck me back together. Thankyou x Last week Charlie did the same thing and the week before, it was Guy. In such instances, ‘keep calm and carry on,’ is actually not quite such an awful cliché.

Charlie started at 5.30am driving to Stansted to get the fridge in our van fixed (it’s a long story) and it’s now 7.20pm and he’s driving down to Novikov. Respect. The fridge is fixed and we have a chilled delivery, on what was a very hot harvest day.

All sorts of goodies are heading down to Mayfair this evening including beetroot, courgette flowers, baby cucumbers, radish, baby leaves, microherbs and edible flowers. It’s been so hectic, I haven’t had chance to take many pics. But the cornflowers and borage are the kind of sky blue that’s almost violet it’s so vivid.

Such was the mountain of BE baby leaves we had to mix this evening that it reminded me of making the world’s biggest sandcastle. It takes four of us to mix it by hand. In a previous life Charlie did a degree in sound engineering. When mixing there is usually an assortment of eclectic beats on the go. After ten hours of harvesting and packing we definitely needed to find a rhythm from somewhere.


Babyleaf mountain

That’s not to say that the harvesting isn’t in itself enjoyable. Washing radish whose colour sings or splitting open the first broad bean pods to see if they are ripe, filling boxes, punnets and bags with things we have grown from seed no bigger than grains of sand.


The first broad bean pods are emerging, despite their earlier vine weevil leaf damage…

‘We speak about creation as if it is over. Creation is taking place every moment of our lives.’




Naomi and Polly cutting flowers

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