The benches are here!

The benches are here!

Good evening. Back in Suffolk again. I’ve been away, just for the weekend, but somehow time seemed to morph and it feels like I’ve been away for a week, not two days.

Really thoughtful presents filtered through from the guys all day. Being a summer solstice baby, I’m fortunate to always have the longest day as a birthday. I can’t wait to explore all the new books! Polly made me this amazing BE style raspberry cheesecake topped with our own flowers…


A day of arrivals and deliveries. Finally the window came for the packing shed, our pots for the show, more packing materials, but by far the best are THESE:


These microherb benches, designed specifically by Charlie were custom made just six miles from BE and assembled on site today. Now the big polytunnel is filled with orderly ranks of green – each table makes the most of available height, light and space.


The proud boys. From left, Guy, Liam and Charlie

Soft, gentle weather today. Warm sun and showers. Lots of weeding and seed sowing of the new beds. While weeding, this edible rose caught my eye. How perfect it looks with the rain sat on the petals.


Here is a fragment from a beautiful Margaret Atwood poem discovered in the poetry anthology ‘Being Alive.’ Surely these are the perfect words to describe a relationship between many things, among them a gardener and a garden…

‘I would like to be the air/that inhabits you for a moment/only. I would like to be that unnoticed/and that necessary.’


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