Square pegs…

Square pegs…

The ground was soaked with hope today. After such wonderful, proper rain yesterday and a cracker of a thunderstorm on Friday night to clear the air. New lines and edges appeared all over the place as friends and family came in to get stuck in and help us out.

Each time I popped out to check on progress vast swathes of lawn had been mown, weeds pulled, the potting shed tidied, hundreds of microherb seeds sown.


No room for dullness here!

I was mainly catching up on paperwork and admin, so that I can get out in the garden tomorrow. Would you believe we are so rural that when I called the council about our business bin collection they said that because it was only possible once every two weeks? Yet we are only 77 miles from central London. It’s a world away here.

Our village is still thankfully full of independent stores. When I went to pay some supplies I was given a carrier bag full of dog treats for Keane and in the stationers the sales assistant knew the history of the families who lived in my cottage.

Talking of which, it was lovely to see Tony back in the walled garden today. I lucky enough to be able to introduce him to our newest recruit, who starts tomorrow. All I’m saying is that we’ve had SO many CV’s pour in as a result of our latest ad, but this one was certainly unique.

Given that today that today’s crew when not gardening transform into: boatbuilder, harpist, artist, poet, snowboarder, runner, horse rider, yoga practitioner and sound engineer amongst other things, I think as Guy put it, ‘BE is where square pegs fit.’

Please God I don’t live to regret this…






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