Earth matters

Earth matters


Our peaches tumbling down the wall. Beautiful.

Conversation of the day:

Me : ‘I’m just going to my point of phone reception for one of the mag interviews if anyone needs me.’

Guy: ‘The graveyard?’

Me: ‘Yep.’ (running)

I don’t think the occupant minds. I had a silent conversation with him and he explained all about peace. Looks like John Watkins died in the 1800’s. He prefers the ivy to stay of course, it preserves his dignity.


Gathering thoughts.

Loads going on today. A lot of concentration on getting the soil up to scratch.


Steve looks really proud of his soil sieving and rightly so. We’ve got 10 new beds prepped and ready to rock.


Polly re-sows one of the salad beds she made last month with radish.


Amazing! This newly sown bed looks like a flight path ready for take off. Today’s gentle showers have provided perfect germinating conditions.

Great to have Tony working with us today, entertaining everyone with stories of the old days and sharing his knowledge.


Tony tends to the runner beans, tying them in to stop them wandering off and the crop getting damaged.

Look what has appeared! Steve and Polly have kick started our composting. This is just small scale for now. We are aiming for giant – turn-able by digger – to provide us with anything like the quantities we need.


Treasure chests.


How exciting. By tomorrow morning this lily will have burst open. The scent, combined with the sweet peas, strawberries and peaches will be intense.



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