Making a net for catching days

Making a net for catching days

The globe artichokes look amazing! Their structure replicates the fibonnaci spiral – a pattern we see constantly replicated in nature, in pine cones or ammonites for example…


Another special person joined us today, Laura Ash (great horticultural name). She has trained in horticulture and managed a team at the beautiful Petersham Nursery, Richmond. I’m looking forward to utilising some of her design flair here at BE. Really I’m pinching her from another employer…officially this is her two week holiday, but we wanted her here as much as she wants to be here…


We all had a great harvest day and got the goods sent off nice and early. We girls discovered a shared passion for vintage everything, and a competitive streak. I’m still sure that my runner bean was longest Laura…


The sumptuous view inside one of the runner bean wigwams, dripping with beans. Picking these is green therapy.

We’ve also been thinning our huge beetroot bed, weeding feeding, watering and planning. This planning is about implementing new schedules as BE is growing.

I really love this idea:

‘A schedule defends from chaos…it is a net for catching days.’ Annie Dillard.

If only I had a net for catching a good night’s sleep.

Good night.


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